At Sign Service Label Products we are fully equipped to serve your needs for Screen Printed Labels, Decals, Polycarbonate Nameplates, Subsurface Polycarbonate panels, Single & Two Sided Window Decals, Small Signs, Hard surface Mouse Pads and much much more!

As well as Screen Printed Labels & Decals we have equipment for Full colour Digital Labels & Decals with the ability to plot cut.

What we have to serve your needs:

  • Four 14" x 24" Semi Automatic Screen Printing Presses
  • One 24" x 36" Semi Automatic Screen Printing Press
  • Two Diecutting Presses ranging in size up to 24" x 36"
  • 30" Laminator
  • One 20" and One 30" Backsplitter
  • 49" Guillotine Cutter
  • Fully Capable Art Department able to handle both PC & Mac Files
  • 30" Summa Plotter
  • Two Mimaki CJV Printers
  • Gerber edge II Thermal Printer with Envision plotter
  • Ink Colour Matching Department
  • Inspection Department with shrink wrap capabilities where everything is hand inspected
  • Shipping Department that can drop-ship in plain boxes using your supplied Packing Slips and Delivery Labels.

In other words we can handle your job from supplied file to final shipment, freeing up your valuable time to promote your business.

Mimaki CJV30 Eco Solvent Printer Ink. Diecutting Press.
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